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Related information on the bluing packing belt

Related information on the bluing packing belt

The continuous expansion of the packaging belt is not only for the use of the product packaging, but gradually applied to various fields. Here are some common packing belts for everyone to share:
a) Steel strapping
It is generally used to make very heavy loads into an integral transportation piece or to fix the load in train cars, trailers or oceangoing cargo ships. It is rarely used for shrinkage type loads that sag or shift after being bundled, but the firm binding has been compressed. The load is often used for the binding of rigid loads.
b) nylon strap
With a high continuous tension, it is generally used for the binding of heavy-duty articles and contraction-type loads capable of withstanding high initial tension. The elongation and the recovery rate are larger than those of polyester or polypropylene strapping tapes and are the most expensive plastics. Packing belt.
c) Polypropylene strapping
Is the cheapest tying material, it is generally used for lighter loads of tying, binding and sealing cartons. Polypropylene straps have high elongation and recovery rates, but are not as durable as other plastic strapping.
d) Polyester strapping
The highest strength and highest continuous tension in plastic strapping. For rigid loads that require constant tension during handling, transportation, and storage, the polyester strap is an excellent tying material. Often used in applications requiring high tensile strength, high continuous tension, and elongation, in many applications it performs like a light gauge steel strap.
The above describes several commonly used packing belts. The packing belt is a kind of consumable package material that is widely used and can be selected as appropriate.