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How to distinguish packaging with manual or machine use

How to distinguish packaging with manual or machine use

When some users just came into contact with the straps, the concepts of machine strapping and hand strapping are vague, so how do you distinguish the straps from manual or machine use? Let us briefly introduce it for everyone today.
Different balers use different packing belts, and the hand-packing belts are thicker, and the used raw materials are relatively poor, which is not suitable for semi-automatic balers. Semi-automatic balers need to choose semi-automatic packing belts. Our company has ordinary semi-automatic packing belts and high quality semi-automatic packing belts with different prices and different quality.
Hand-packed straps are a type of strapping. Usually we call hand-packed straps PP-tagged straps, usually made from recycled materials. Compared with semi-automatic strapping or fully automatic strapping, hand-packed straps are thicker and have lower pulling force, and are suitable for packing goods that are not very high in the packing requirements.
1. Bend the left end of the packing strap, insert the packing buckle, and then tighten the left fixing bar into the packing strap.
2. With the right hand holding the strap around the package, insert the right side of the strap into the packing buckle and fold the left fixing rod into the strap.
3, the left hand fixed the deduction buckle, the right hand holding the strap with the right side of the packaging buckle will be tightened.
4, finally holding the scissors cut the strap.
Semi-automatic balers can use lightweight belt? Light belt, also called lightweight packing belt, because of its light weight and named after the use of new materials plus precious additives production, with strong pull, hot melt effect, cost-effective advantages .
The machine packing belt is made of polypropylene drawing grade resin, good plasticity, strong breaking tension, bending fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact performance, convenient use, and it has been widely used in various fields. With good quality and low price, good quality, strong tensile performance, concentric machine with packaging products with PET packing, printing packing belt, plastic packing belt, strong packing belt and other semi-automatic packing belt, PP packing belt, scientific name polypropylene, is a common plastic A lighter one, translucent to opaque, transparent film texture. Flammability: Flammable in flames. Slowly extinguish or continue burning after leaving the flame. When burning, the upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue; there is a phenomenon of melting and dripping. Can smell the smell of paraffin.
The main material of PP strapping is polypropylene drawing grade resin. Because of its good plasticity, strong breaking tension, resistance to bending, light weight, and ease of use, the straps that have been processed have become widely used in various fields.